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What We Do

We develop and apply proprietary film coatings that are optically clear with resistance to abrasions, scratches, and harsh chemicals as well as environmental conditions. This ensures that your products will not only look fantastic, but will be protected to stand the test of time.


Our Approach

All of our coatings are custom formulated in house based on your specific needs. Together, we determine the desired attributes for your application using ASTM tests where applicable. Many of these tests can be performed in house. Then we find the right materials, develop the coating, and submit samples for your review and final testing. Once samples are approved, we then coat the film using our state-of-the-art machinery and process.


Our Mission

Strata Film Coatings works with all types of companies from single entrepreneur start-ups to Fortune 50 corporations. Regardless of size, our goal is to give each one the same level of service and expertise from initial contact through coating development, testing, and every production run we coat. 

About Our Firm

Strata Film Coatings was created in 1990 to develop and apply coatings to plastic film for companies looking to create new and innovative products as well as improve their existing products. Strata is one of the few industrial coating suppliers in the converting industry that has the ability to formulate a unique coating for each application in house and then fully test and apply that coating. Instead of picking the closest coating out of a catalog and hoping for the best, Strata’s coating engineers are directly involved in each step of your project to ensure that all performance and production parameters are met.

Success Starts With You

Coating characteristics such as resistance to abrasions, scratches, or impact, as well as light transmission, haze, weatherability, and even gloss are defined by you and your product’s applications. The right protective surface coating can also address other parameters such as tensile strength, thermal stability, elongation, coefficient of friction, cold flex, flammability, anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties among others. Once these parameters are defined, Strata formulators will develop a coating and rigorously test it to ensure it meets those specifications. Our coating engineers will continue to test and modify the formulation as needed until those parameters are met. Once samples are approved, production coating can begin.

What Makes Us Different

One of Strata Film’s key attributes is that your proprietary coating will be developed on the actual machine that will apply it in production which is rare in the converting industry. This is vital to shortening the lead time between development and production because great variations exist between lab and production coating equipment. Trying to find an off-the-shelf coating that meets your all specific parameters and that will work with a particular coating machine is like buying a lottery ticket. Strata Film’s years of experience creating coating formulations on our custom-designed film coater speeds up overall product development and ensures success in production rather than lose time reformulating once it leaves the lab.



You need a manufacturing partner that you can count on to deliver the highest quality products and services every time. Here are just a few reasons that Strata Film Coatings is the converting industry partner you need!

Custom Coatings

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ISO Clean Room Ranking

Years of Experience

Marine Industry

Over 20 years ago, Strata Film Coatings developed a flexible, clear vinyl product for the marine industry. Marketed as Strataglass, the proprietary coating formulated and applied by Strata Film Coatings makes the product resistant to minor scratches, swirl marks, and visible oxidation residue which are all challenges to clear vinyl products used in the harsh marine environment.

Strataglass® VueShield™ offers additional UV resistance to protect the boat, its passengers, and interior furnishings from the sun’s harmful rays. The coating’s performance also seals and protects the base vinyl maintaining its optimum durability and flexibility which in turn extends the product’s life.

Thanks to Strata’s development and computer-controlled coating processes, this product continues to be the global leader in flexible clear vinyl for the marine industry. Custom yacht builders, OEM distributors and boating enthusiasts alike choose Strataglass because the coating simply out performs and outlast all others.

 Transportation Industry

Interior surfaces in the transportation industry often times experience levels of wear and exposure to environmental factors equal to that of exterior components. Beyond abrasion and scuff resistance, regular exposure to consumer chemicals and industrial cleaning agents shorten the life cycle of most surface materials.

Incorporating the right protective coating helps maintain a material’s original appearance longer while improving performance throughout it’s life, but is that really enough? In a world reliant on global travel and mass transit, it’s important that surface materials also help combat the spread of infectious diseases by limiting or prohibiting fungal and bacterial growth.

Strata Film Coatings, Inc. has successfully developed and applied dozens of coatings for manufacturers whose products can be used on tables and wall treatments in these applications. Rigorous testing using ASTM and other industry standards have shown that our custom coatings perform better than off-the-shelf formulations that many manufacturers use. Our ability to incorporate more specific performance elements tailored to your exacting specifications will help separate you from your comeptition while protecting passengers from the world around them.

Consumer Industry

Many of today’s most durable and affordable consumer products are made possible by advances in polymers, resins, and other additives that allow plastic film to have such a wide array of properties and capabilities. Yet few plastic films can meet the demands of these applications without additional coating treatments. 

Strata Film Coatings has decades of experience in nearly every aspect of this vast market sector. We have developed coatings for everything from vinyl laminates used in architectural projects to protective films that keep a young boys’ sports card collection looking timeless…regardless of the hours of handling and neglect they most likely will be subjected to. 

We’ve created coatings for hologram foils used in the security industry and films that allow dry erase boards to erase without ghosting! We’ve even created coatings for musical instruments such as drum heads which take impact abuse from the moment they are installed until they break! As a valued supplier and partner in the converting industry, your products are in capable– and more importantly– caring hands. While quality is our goal, your satisfaction is our primary mission.

Custom vs Off The Shelf

In an industry that is regularly driven by minimal budgets and short lead times, many OEM manufacturers in the converting industry choose to settle for coatings that are readily available rather than invest in developing a proprietary coating that meets all their requirements. They instead select a few main enhancements from a catalog of off the shelf coatings without considering the added benefits a custom coating offers their film products and ultimately the end user.

At Strata Film Coatings, we take pride in working with you to develop a proprietary coating that meets your specific needs. Our in-house coatings specialists start by analyzing your base film to understand its material makeup and overall properties. This allows them to determine if a better alternative is available for your application.

Next, they research the chemicals required to best meet your parameters and goals. They use their years of experience in chemical compatibility and analysis to save time and money by not duplicating base material enhancements or testing additives that they know aren’t suited for your specific application.

After several coatings are formulated, testing begins for each of the desired attributes. After reviewing test results, they reformulate as needed and retest until your specifications are met. Once final samples are approved, production on our proprietary, computer-controlled coater can begin.

Real People, Real Results!


“We have been working with Strata for over 10 years and have found the quality of their coating to be consistently excellent on over 500,000 linear feet of a proprietary coating with reliable delivery times. Strata also assists me with procurement of film to be coated.  I consider this vendor to be one of my top business partners.”


Owner, Healthcare Products Mfg.

“We have worked with Strata Film Coatings for over 20 years.  The quality and support that Strata gives their customers is unsurpassed. Their ability to see your vision and help you get there as a company is one of their strongest attributes. Working with a company like Strata has been our key to success.”

Joe Deetz

President/CEO, Visual Magnetics

“Once again Strata has delivered on time and beyond our expectations! The coating you developed to improve our thermoforming capabilities has proven to be a real game changer. We can now provide our customers with a 3D laminate that will better meet their needs and those of their customers!”

Brad Beardsley

GM, Ultra3DLam

Office, R&D and Manufacturing

2610 Roanoke Ave, S.W.
Roanoke, VA 24015 USA

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