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Frequently Asked Questions

What Do You Need From Me to get started?

In order to start your project, we will need to know your desired specifications. This includes specific test standards (ASTM or equal) for parameters such as abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, impact resistance, light transmission, haze, weatherability, gloss, tensile strength, thermal stability, elongation, coefficient of friction, cold flex, flammability, and any others that may be specific to your application.

What Materials Will You Need from me?

We will need samples of any base films that you plan to use or current product samples if you have them. If you’re starting from scratch, no worries. Our experienced staff will research and obtain what’s needed based on your specifications. You can sit back and relax!

HOW LONG will it take to get MY NEW coating?

Since every project is unique, the time it takes to develop the right coating is based on your specifications, lead time to get samples and materials in house, and a few other factors specific to your project. In short, probably longer than your last New Year’s resolution lasted and likely less than the time until you make the same resolution again this year!


Every coating project goes through a methodical, multi-step process which involves materials research and procurement, coating development, testing, formula tweaking, more testing, more tweaking, a few prayers, and then presto! Specifications are met and samples are submitted for your approval.

What happens after the coating is approved?

Developing the coating is the longest part of the project. Fortunately, your coating will be developed on the exact same machine that production will run on which means no lost time converting formulas from a lab coater. Production can start as soon as all the materials are in house and production can be scheduled.

what if the specifications change at some point?

Change is the only thing that is constant besides death and taxes. We may be able to alter the formula slightly to meet the revised specifications with minimal testing. If the changes are more involved, refer back the the first FAQ above because that’s likely where we will have to start!